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                                                                        The SERC: National electricity problems
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                                                                        Since the residents of electricity services monitoring the quality of the special action was launched in October last year, the country to solve the problem of electricity consumption of 160,000 households without electricity. With the the Yunnan remaining electricity population electricity problems, the China Southern Power Grid ahead of schedule during the "12th Five-Year" grid coverage "Power for All" goals.

                                                                        Solution areas without electricity and without electricity electricity problems, the need to promote the economic development of the poor and remote areas, is the need to safeguard national unity, the power industry services the obligatory social responsibility by the party and the country overall situation and also the supervision of the people, the essential requirements . Carry out special operations since the grid enterprises with reality, according to local conditions, to develop specific initiatives to increase the areas without electricity grid construction investment, by large grid extension, development and utilization of wind, biomass, solar and other means to expedite the settlement of villages without electricity and people without electricity electricity problem. According to statistics, since the special action, the State Grid Corporation resolved a total of 64,500, had solved 81,800 Southern Power Grid Company, Inner Mongolia Electric Power Group Corporation to solve the problem of electricity of 14,600 households without electricity.

                                                                        Since the beginning of this year, China Southern Power Grid Company to solve the the Yunnan remaining people without electricity electricity problem as the crucial tasks of 1.93 billion yuan to invest in construction funds to overcome the high altitude, inaccessible and Zhaotong earthquakes and other unfavorable factors, solve 81800 360 000 people without electricity in the electricity problem, so far, China Southern Power Grid, ahead of schedule during the "12th five-Year" grid coverage "Power for All" goals.

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